Replex™ Safety and Security Mirrors

Professionals in the security and safety industries rely on Replex Plastics to build the most vital components of their mirrors and domes. It is in this arena, after all, that the necessity of using quality materials and manufacturing is most obvious.
Optical Quality
Whether it’s for a convex security mirror in the hallway of a hospital or the dome over a security camera, the streamlined manufacturing process utilized by Replex Plastics is the new industry standard. Replex Plastics understands that even the most minuscule image distortion can impede the ability to see a clear image at different distances, from different angles and through different camera zooms.

The quality of Replex’s acrylic and polycarbonate convex mirrors — as well as the precision of manufacturing — creates products that provide extraordinary resistance to the elements. This includes prolonged exposure to the sun and inclement weather. From horizon to crown, Replex Plastics quality control ensures excellent viewing.

Only Replex’s custom-built, custom-tooled machines can handle the wide diversity of sizes and shapes required to thrive in this industry. Optical plastics that have endured trusted quality-control processes can be manufactured for indoor and outdoor needs, whether for use as mirrors or in high definition, mega-pixel or high-magnification cameras.
Orders that vary from stock sizes often come with expensive tooling charges, but with Replex Plastics, we have so many existing tools that virtually any size dome can be fashioned without these fees. Domes can be made semi-transparent or with opaque metallizing. They can be clear, but are also available in bronze or gray.
“I recommend Replex to everyone who is looking for a professional team who cares deeply about their product and even more deeply about their customer service.”

Safety and Security Mirrors Video

    Want a Durable Customizable Mirror?

    Safety and Security Mirror-Mounted

    Safety and Security Mirror- Retail Mounted

    Safety and Security Mirror-Half Dome

    Safety and Security Mirror-Quarter Dome

    Safety and Security Mirror-Road