Replex™ Polycarbonate Domes

Material quality and savvy engineering is especially important when it comes to manufacturing polycarbonate domes. For use mostly on playgrounds and skylights, polycarbonate domes are often the only structures keeping children from sustaining potentially catastrophic falls from significant heights. Replex Plastics builds products with the utmost quality and durability out of commitment to safety.
Designed to let children look out while allowing parents to see in, the clear polycarbonate domes are literally unbreakable. Replex domes are guaranteed to fit perfectly with your playground housing. More importantly, they are designed and rigorously tested to outlast the elements and, of course, the wear and tear of a large number of children playing for extended periods of time. Replex Plastics can produce windows for both flat shapes and round tunnels.
With many forming tools and fixtures designed for creating polycarbonate parts, Replex Plastics can fill nearly any order. Since everything is done in-house, most custom orders come with little or no extra tooling costs. Replex Plastics creates polycarbonate domes quickly and effectively with a streamlined process that was designed with quick turnaround in mind. Each order is produced under its own, unique and appropriate quality-control protocol.
“Replex stands out for its ability to react in order to meet the needs of our company; no matter the circumstance. To go along with their excellent on-time record, Replex has been outstanding whenever a rush scenario presents itself. In cases, they made the seemingly impossible, look easily possible. Replex exemplifies a “can-do” attitude.”

Playground Gear Panel

Polycarbonate Tube Windows

Playground Cockpit Dome

Playground Installation Example

Polycarbonate Dome

Polycarbonate “Turtle Shell” Dome