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Man And Machine Working Together To Achieve CNC Precision

Every time a CNC machine cuts a piece of plastic, it is the result of a deep unification of man, machine and computer. Sure, the end result is just a tool drilling into material, and what’s so special about that, right? Well, long before any cutting or drilling takes...

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Why Free Blowing Excels in Forming Precision Mirrors

Most Replex mirrors are made with a thermoforming process called free blowing. Free blowing uses heat and differential air pressure to manipulate plastic into specific shapes that will eventually become mirrors. Preparation Before work begins, an intellectual...

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Meeting the Sky-High Mirror Demands of the Airline Industry

When we make mirrors for the aircraft industry, these manufacturers obsess over three things: the weight of the mirror, its ability to withstand impact, and its resistance to fire. There is only one mirror material that can meet the highest standards for all three of...

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