As a manufacturer that does business across the world, we’ve learned that only a reliable, step-by-step process can ease the risk and anxiety that both parties undertake when engaging in an overseas purchase order with a new partner for the first time.

From testing requirements to product specs to shipping costs, international trade is a potential minefield that inexperienced partners can stumble through if they don’t have a tried-and-true formula for making it work. More than any logistical hurdles, however, the Replex process is designed to build the one thing without which no international partnership can succeed—a relationship based on trust between two parties that may never get to meet face to face.

When we first receive a new inquiry, our initial focus is on understanding the specifics of the immediate need, as well as the larger goals the customer is trying to accomplish. The better we understand what a prospect is trying to achieve, the more likely we can contribute our own creativity and help the customer achieve their goals. After we propose a solution and work through the quoting process, if the customer is ready to place their first order then the following five step process begins.

The Five Steps of a Successful Overseas Order with Replex:

  • The first stage in our procedure for ordering plastics internationally with a new overseas customer is to establish a clear, yet broad and overarching agreement regarding the issues of price, freight terms and our general commercial relationship.
  • Next, we’ll agree on payment arrangements. We understand that successful international partnerships require flexibility so, in most cases, we can offer 60-day open credit, but in order to do that, we’ll first have to get some financial information from you to run past Ex-Im Bank, the entity that runs our credit-insurance program.
  • Next you’ll place a purchase order for the goods you want in the quantity you want them.
  • To eliminate potential problems before they arise, we’ll produce a sample of each of the products you order and send them to you for your approval. Don’t worry—we’ll cover the cost of shipping this test quantity, which we’ll call “First Article Approval Samples.” Inspect the samples, try them and review them closely to make sure they match your exact specifications. If changes are needed, let us know so we can make the proper adjustments.
  • Once you approve the samples, we’ll get to work on completing and shipping the order.

Our customers are our partners—and every partnership has to be based on mutual benefit and trust. Our five-step procedure was designed to give both parties a clear picture of exactly how the process will unfold from beginning to end. The procedure protects us, it protects you, and it builds the foundation for what we hope will be a lifetime partnership.