Replex Plastics specializes in the application of pristine metal coatings (mirror quality) using three 72″ computer controlled vacuum deposition chambers, one 48″ machine, and one 94″ machine. Each of these chambers are designed to apply a precise amount of aluminum to obtain a highly reflective mirror grade finish. Replex Plastics uses one 48″ metallizing system with precise metal thickness measurement and control. Precise thickness control can be used to apply semi-transparent reflective coatings as well for “see-thru” applications.

Specialized protective back coatings for indoor or outdoor applications are applied using a robotic paint line – allowing for consistent protection to all mirror surfaces. Replex Plastics has excellent relationships with many paint and coating companies if a specialized coating is required for your application.

  • Specializing in mirror-grade metallized coatings
  • Application of aluminum metals
  • Computer controlled for precise and consistent application
  • Thickness control capability for semi-transparent metallization
  • Three 72″ vacuum deposition chambers for aluminum mirror
  • One 94″ vacuum deposition chamber for aluminum mirror
  • One 48″ vacuum deposition chamber for specialty metallizer

Metallizing Video