Replex ships you a pristine mirror with film masking to protect it from scratches during shipping and installation. Knowing how to keep your mirror looking fabulous is equally critical.


DO – use a microfiber cloth. There are many suppliers of these cloths and they are easy to order online from or other suppliers. They are not expensive and are worth every penny.

DON’T – use paper towels and don’t use ordinary cloth rags, especially if they have seams. The thread used to stich them at the seams is surprisingly abrasive. Paper products have a lot of grit which is also very abrasive, especially if dry.


DO – use a commercially available plastic cleaner such as Novus polish, or use an ordinary spray furniture polish such as Pledge ™. A spray furniture polish typically leaves behind a very small amount of clear wax which helps make the mirror easier to clean next time. You need only a tiny amount of spray furniture polish to clean off fingerprints and other soil. Use furniture polish sparingly so you don’t leave behind a waxy mess.

DON’T – use ordinary glass cleaners such as Windex™ or Glass Plus™. Any solvent based cleaner that contains a lot of alcohol or ammonia is likely to be detrimental to the acrylic. If you are not sure, test the cleaning solution on a small area first to make sure it is compatible with the acrylic.

As you can see, it is not complicated, and there are only a few do’s and don’ts. Following the correct cleaning method will enable your mirror to remain pristine for many years to come.