Join the Replex Plastics A-Team

We’re always looking to hire people interested in any of our production positions, full time and part-time. We are growing at about 10% per year, and want people invested in helping us accelerate that growth. 

To apply, fill out the application on the
 Employment Application Page. For any questions please email our HR Director via 

Why Join Replex?

Do you want to make the world safer, brighter, and more sustainable via your life’s work? Are you excited about being a part of a high-talent team in a sophisticated 21st century manufacturing environment? Do you want to build a future that others have not yet envisioned? You can do all this at Replex. 

There is no glass ceiling at Replex for anyone. You will be challenged to grow your career to the limits of your ability and your own desire while being encouraged to do so by the owner.
If you like new things, you will find them here at Replex. We are constantly blazing new trails which can be both exciting and disappointing if they do not work out. Buy life is boring without some risk. Will you “enter the danger”?
People are people, not robots. Replex is incredibly flexible when needed to allow employees to find a way to get their job done while also addressing the realities of their personal lives. 
When Replex does well, all employees do well financially. We have an excellent benefit plan including health, vision, dental, disability, paid time off, 401k, and more. Replex pays generous bonuses when financial conditions warrant it.



Build a future in manufacturing. Here are some reasons why building a career in manufacturing might be right for you:

More Opportunities.

Manufacturing jobs in Ohio are plentiful. Ohio has more than 14,000 manufacturing businesses offering stable, good-paying manufacturing jobs.

Outstanding Benefits.

Ninety-two percent of U.S. manufacturing employees are eligible for health insurance – the highest percentage of eligibility in any economic sector.

Cutting-Edge Technology.

Manufacturing today spans most high-tech industries – providing challenging, satisfying opportunities to work with innovative, cutting-edge technologies.

Pathways to Career Growth.

In the manufacturing sector there are numerous opportunities for growth, promotion and advancement in every type of manufacturing.

Environmental Improvements.

U.S. manufacturers added nearly 20 percent more value to the economy over the past decade while actually reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. And Ohio manufacturers lead statewide reduction/recycling of Ohio-generated waste.

Competitive Wages.

Today’s modern manufacturing jobs pay more than just a living wage. The average annual earnings of Ohio workers on manufacturing payrolls in 2018 was $61,500.

Earn & Learn.

Many manufacturing jobs include on-the-job training and opportunities to earn while you learn.

Safer Than Ever Before.

It’s a new day for modern manufacturing facilities in Ohio. Today’s manufacturing mantra is “safety first.”

Contributions to Ohio’s Economy.

Manufacturing is Ohio’s #1 industry, with roughly 700,000 employees and annual payroll of more than $43 billion.


A career in manufacturing may be exactly what you are looking for.