“We are trying to make the world a better place, and we’re doing it in several different ways; developing new products that improve quality of life, reduce energy consumption and are good for the environment all at the same time.”
– Mark Schuetz, President/Owner 

What We Do

Replex Plastics is an American based company, started in 1991, based out of central Ohio. We manufacture high quality, 3D optical plastic components from sheet using technologically-advanced industrial thermoforming. We currently export to 13 different countries around the globe, accounting for 20% or more of our sales. We stand behind our products and don’t leave customer’s unhappy. We minimize quality defect and errors by running all operations according to “The Replex Way Manual”, which is certified to ISO9001:2015 international standards.

We enhance the ability for people to enjoy life by manufacturing products that increase their safety and security. We focus on making the world a brighter, safer and more sustainable place through the work we do everyday.

Our Vision

Our company tagline is that “We’re a reflection of your success”, while this absolutely stands true with our customers, this statement goes deeper than that for us as a company. When Replex succeeds our employees succeed, our vendors succeed and in turn, our community as a whole is made stronger. We adhere to certain key core values which contribute to our success.

Replex Cares:

  • Continuous self-improvement and growth for everyone at Replex Plastics
  • Accountability for commitments made. This means we go the extra mile when we need to, so as to uphold the commitments we make to customers, employees and vendors.
  • Relationships – We build trust through honesty and integrity. We want customers, employees and vendors for life.
  • Excellence in everything we do. If we can’t do the job with excellence, we will not do it at all. 
  • Service the customer above all else.  At the end of the day, if we do not service our customers well, we will fail as a business. For this reason, we always put servicing the customer first in our priorities. 
ISO 9001:2015 image
“Replex refunded our company a substantial overpayment from four years ago – most of our vendors would not have gone back and audited so far, much less have the integrity to issue a refund from so far back. Very refreshing to do business with an honest company. Excellent customer service, product quality, pricing, and delivery time too.”
– Cham-Cal Engineering